Unsere Alte und Arme ZUERST !

Don't loose and spoil time & energy in being Anti-Something but - at the contrary - let's focus on being for a Constructive Pro-Something. 

Our main source of inspiration for Look, Structures, Actions & Law of Precedent is the Salvation "Army". We created a "Marine" in the same mind. In our case, our target is Help to Old & Poor People of NORDLANDIA, from Bruges to Novgorod, with the same sort of social activities, without discrimination but simply by inverting the actual priority of our western Governments : OUR OWN POOR & OLD FIRST ! We place this struggle in the frame of NORDLANDIA, as decribed on http://NordPeace.Simplesite.com 

Interested in collaborate ? Contact "Captain Andre-Hans" in Cityport of Antwerp in Flanders.

E-mail is : andrevbremen@protonmail.com



The MOST UNSANE is that NGO are collaborating with Human Traffickers as Taxi-Boats to the boats of EU's FRONTEX and this in order to facilitate the Massive Invasion of Thousand Africans each week ! This must be stopped ! Stop to support Leftist NGO's and start to support www.defend-europe.org

NORDLANDIA EXISTS ! Proven by Facts !

In collaboration with Cafepress.com, we developped a range of items showing our NORDLANDIA Flag & Motto.

You'll find this e-shop at the following address :